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Smoothing System

KeraStraight has been designed to simultaneously repair and straighten and gives amazing benefits to all hair types. With the power of keratin, 22 carat gold and new low pH protection, the hair is left luscious, healthy, smooth and stonger and can last up to 4 months.

Keratin is a natural compound and is the protein that gives hair its strength. KeraStraight rebuilds the keratin within the hair that has been lost working on both the internale cortex and external protective layer, the cuticle. The result is the hair that has added elasticity, strength, vitality and incredible shine providing a smooth, soft and straightened finish.

The process is fortified with the addition of nano-molecules of 22ct gold which attract negative ions within the hair producing the highest consistency enabling the gentlest of treatments to give the most stunning results.

Kebelo System’s revolutionary smoothing treatment gives amazingly frizz-free, glossy hair. What’s more, it only takes one hour to achieve the sleek finish that lasts for 100 days. What’s not to love?

Kebelo’s innovative formula is a true alternative for women wanting luscious but manageable hair. Rather than just the poker-straight look so popular in the 90s, hair is left with a naturally glossy finish with lots of movement and ready for styling any way you want – much more on-trend for today’s woman.

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